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Direct flights between Kenya and US Airports good for Business

Open skies policy that has for long been active in Kenya has earned them the opportunity of flying direct flights to US airports. The industry has grown and now has over 20 airlines operating commercial flights to, out and within Kenya. The growth has seen an establishment and development of regional airports. One of the most evident airports is Moi International Airport in Mombasa that handles over a million passengers a year. 

Liberation of Kenyan aerospace has invited many players in the industry from airlines, ground handlers at airports, and other aviation related companies. This has improved the service delivery and quality of service. Due to the presence of many players, customers have enjoyed relatively reduced fares on tickets and increased their networks to travel. Adding direct flights to US airports will offer an extra benefit to the customers.

Passengers will enjoy reduced travel times and dwelling times at airports. Passengers will not have to transit through other airports anymore when they fly to the US from Kenya. And the national carrier, Kenya Airlines, is poised to grow and expand. The airline that for the last 3 years struggled will revise its routes and network to the US. The airline so far serves over 45 African airports and is still growing with young and modern fleet. Kenya will become not only East Africa’s but Africa’s getaway to US airports. 

Trade and tourism between the 2 countries will grow with Kenya becoming the bigger beneficiary. Kenya’s tourism sector recently suffered a blow due to the state of security in the country. Terror attacks in Nairobi and Malinda were a big threat to the industry and prompted the UK and US to discourage their citizens from visiting the nation.  However the security in the country has been bolstered; moreover the direct flights to the US automatically mean the country will have to increase security at its airports and other places in the country.

  Direct flights to Kenya bring a lot of excitement to the Kenyan government, airlines, tour operators and other business organisations. Increased traffic to, out and around Kenya will significantly impact the aviation sector of the country. Aviation will act as the catalyst to economic growth and this will directly impact on income growth.