Emirates speaks out on incident at Entebbe international Airport

The 14th of March 2018 was not the best of days at Emirates Airlines. On that day at the Entebbe International Airport, a hostess fell out through the emergency door of a Boeing 777. This was shortly before the scheduled departure time of 3:25. The flight as a result was moved to 4:21. She was part of the cabin crew which was carrying out routine preparatory checks on the Dubai bound aircraft.

According to an eye witness the hostess held a glass in hands that broke upon landing on the ground. She sustained cuts on her knees and face.

A statement from Emirates read,

“We can confirm that a member of our cabin crew fell from an open door while preparing the aircraft for boarding on flight EK730 from Entebbe on 14 March 2018. The injured crew member was brought to the hospital, but unfortunately succumbed to her injuries. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, and we’re providing them with all possible support and care. We will extend our full co-operation to the authorities in their investigation."

The Airline and Civil Aviation Authority are not in position to disclose the names and details of the deceased as of yet because according to the IATA and ICAO regulation, the family should and must always be given privacy to grief.

Investigations have been launched into this matter to find out the exact cause. Emirates and Uganda Civil Aviation Authority are cooperating on the investigations of the incident. A joint statement will be provided to the general public about the whole incident while investigations are done.