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"The sky isn't the limit for RwandAir"

The Airline that began operations on 1st/Dec/2002 has experienced tremendous growth in revenue, passengers, fleet and network. This was at a time when the nation was recovering from the worst atrocities of genocide. It is state owned and managed by an independent body that is established and monitored by the government.  The airline which hails from beautiful Rwanda with its hub at Kigali international Airport is showing great signs of success regionally and on the international platform. RwandAir mainly operates regional flights with a few others around the continent and international routes of Brussels Airport and Dubai International. The main competitors of the airline are Kenyan Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, European airlines and Middle East carriers. The growth of RwandAir is mainly attributed to 2 factors i.e. good management and service.

The management has established a good and effective strategy that has seen its fleet and network grow. Management has also developed company targets which have called for effort and commitment from the team, and based on the growth of the carrier they haven’t under scored in their goals, targets and strategy. The delivery of the new Airbus A330s which will serve on routes such as Lagos, London, Paris and Guangzhou will grow the carrier’s network into the intercontinental market. With a beautiful hub at Kigali international airport where all operations and flights are overseen and monitored. A hybrid strategy that focuses on service differentiation and relatively lower prices has also been adopted by management with emphasis on customer needs and satisfactions while gaining a more competitive advantage in the market. Customer needs are addressed with good services provided to them at all times.

Receiving awards by skytrax in recognition of the good service by the carrier to its customers shows good performance in service delivery. Service starts from the time one thinks of paying for the ticket with the airline, booking, check in, boarding and inflight service. RwandAir has been able to meet most of its customers’ expectations and needs. It has also developed a good reputation of good service to customers. Growth of the carriers’ network will improve customers’ experience and expectations. Acquisition of new Airbus A330s with good inflight entertainment, seats and other inflight services will bring more growth to the airline in passenger numbers and cargo tonnes.

The home country of RwandAir is well endowed with beauty and a broad network carrier with good service. The tourism brand and economy of Rwanda will continue to strive with more success from the national carrier.

The good management and service offered by RwandAir has seen the airline become the best regional service airline. The new fleet and network will open the rest of the world to the Kigali beautiful experience.